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Mailing lists

The Vintage Macs mail list is Low End Mac's email list for those using vintage (pre-PowerPC) Macintosh computers. It's a Google Group that can be read on the web with a browser or emailed to you. It covers questions, answers and discussions relating to all the vintage Macs, including the Mac SE. Highly recommended. Find out more about it at the Low End Mac site. Archives from the beginning of 2006 can be read and searched here. Older posts from the pre-Google days are here.

The Classic Macs mailing list was similar and ran for many years. The Classic Macs Archives are found at:

The Low End Mac Swap List is LEM's Google Group for buying and selling Mac OS and OS X computers and related goods. You can read it via email or online, and post "for sale" or "wanted" notices. Older software and hardware is well catered for. Read more here.

Web sites

Low End Mac
A major site from Dan Knight dedicated to keeping older Macs productive. It encompasses everything from the first Macintosh to the latest, but the primary focus is older models. The section for SEs is at

The 68k Macintosh Liberation Army
This large and active site is a repository for information about vintage Macs which use Motorola 68000-series processors. These powered every Mac up to the mid-nineties. They include the 68000 (as in the Mac SE), 68020, 68030, and 68040 processors, referred to collectively as "680x0". The 68kMLA forums are an essential part of the vintage-Mac community. "Mission Statement: Whenever there is a lost and forlorn Mac, we'll be there. Whenever there is a used Mac auction, we'll be there. Whenever there is a good Mac deal on eBay, we'll be there. Whenever someone in the community needs Mac assistance, we'll be there".

Vectronic's Apple World
This site for Apple enthusiasts has some great pages on the Mac SE. Lots of information, and many pictures of both the exterior and interior of the machine.

Damian Ward's flickr set
Many excellent hi-res photos of an SE's insides.

YouTube videos
YouTube has videos of various people taking apart Mac SEs, some of whom know what they're doing. The link will also find SE/30 videos, so select with care.

A vintage computer web site "where great old Macs live again!" Lots of photos and videos of the Mac SE, both inside and out.

The WebSE at
A simulation of System 7 on a Macintosh SE original black-and-white display, with some extensions and some limitations. "Do not take this too serious". Play Pong! Asteroids! There are also old-Mac discussion forums here. And don't miss the links page. You could spend a serious amount of time at this Berlin-based site.

Apple Archives
"The Best Vintage Apple and Macintosh Websites". Sites listed here are among the best archives for vintage Apple software available during the 1980s and 1990s. Sites which disappear from the internet are added to preserve their information. Apple Archives also includes links to sites which qualify as an authoritative resource for software or reference materials for the Apple and Mac68K series.

Mac GUI Vault
The Vault is a source for vintage Apple II and Mac computing, including photos, downloads, information, manuals, and many other valuable resources. Some files are released for the first time only on The Vault, and are often extremely rare.

the pickle's Low-End Mac FAQ
Another major effort and a five-star resource. Answers to all the questions you've been asking, from basic to advanced. Here are the topics from just part one (of thirteen) - What versions of the Mac OS will run on my Mac? What versions of the Mac OS are available online, and where can I get them? Which version of the Mac OS is best for my Mac? What the heck is all this System Enabler stuff? What am I supposed to do with these disk image things? How can I get an OS on a Mac using only my PC? Is there a list of startup key combinations and what they do somewhere? What are those "extras" I should add to System 7.1 to make it more like 7.5?

The Mac Driver Museum
This Museum is a repository for orphaned/classic drivers to maintain the usefulness of Classic Macs. Drivers for network cards, printers, monitors and accelerators are among those included. The curator, Bhavesh Patel, welcomes contributions.

Mirror of original System Software from Apple
Downloadable System software going back to System 6.0.3, plus a great deal more. A valuable archive for classic Mac users. Apple removed this legacy software from their site, but it has been preserved for us here.

68000 Mac FAQ
If you own a Mac with a 68000 CPU like the Plus, SE, Classic etc., then GET THIS FILE NOW! It offers invaluable advice and information from Matti Haveri about applications and System software suitable for our old Macs. The download links are now mostly outdated and no longer work, however. Internet software is also discussed, including MacTCP 2.0.6, an important piece of Apple system software for anyone who wants to get an old Mac on the Internet. But if you don't have System 7.5 you might have trouble finding it. Try here.

Hardware Secrets
A comprehensive article on the SE by Gabriel Torres. "Hardware Secrets was created in 1999 to produce and distribute technical PC hardware knowledge. The primary goal is to address the lack of refined technical information on the Internet." Gabriel also explains how to make floppy disks for old Macs.

Resources For The Older Macintosh
Enormous page of great links to technical information, sites about specific Macs, lots of software, and older and used hardware sources. All designed for the classic Mac user. One of the best sites. Update: The site's author, David Wood, passed away on January 5th, 2003, and his work is being carried on by Hardy Menagh at the link above.

Mac Internet FAQ
Again by Matti Haveri, and includes tips for older Macs. Well worth having.

University of Michigan Mac Archive
This archive of older software has been an important resource for classic Mac users for many years.

Technische Universität Berlin
WOW! Lots of Apple software at this FTP site, plus masses more.

Finnish University and Research Network
FUNET's FTP site maintains this historical collection from the classic Mac era.

Apple Manuals
LOTS of them, for Macs, utilities, servers, displays, printers, cameras, scanners, drives, upgrades and PDAs.

Giant Mike's Vintage Shareware Collection
Contains the best gaming gems of another era with great game play. System requirements are very low, and most will work with System 6 through Mac OS 9.

System 6 Heaven
If your Mac is too slow for System 7, then this site is an essential resource. "System 6 is more stable than System 7.x and provides almost instant booting. It was way ahead of its time and can do far more than most people know."

A vast amount of information on old Macs, how to fix them, what to do with them, how to upgrade them, and software downloads of all kinds. Start at the Mac SE page above, or try the index page to see an alphabetical list of everything available.

Pure Mac
Some useful software for old black and white Macs.

Obsolete Computer Museum
Good page on the SE, including photos of interior and logic board. is the complete guide to every Macintosh, iPod, and Mac clone in the world, with technical, configuration, and pricing details. Get specs on every Mac.

Home Page of Gamba
Once one of the most impressive vintage-Mac sites on the web. Gamba died in November 2003 at his home in Los Altos, California, aged 65. His site is still up, but many of the external links no longer work. Still worth browsing.

ABE Books
Brilliant web site for finding second-hand books and computer manuals. A large number of booksellers from all over the world have their stock online here. Find manuals for old versions of PhotoShop, QuarkXpress etc. Or Apple owners' manuals for the Mac SE and other machines, old System Software guides etc. You can order online and shipping is worldwide.

Accelerators for the SE

MICROMAC was a US company that sold several different models of SE accelerator into the new millenium. It no longer exists, but the stock seems to have passed to MacUpgrade Specialists of 30251 Golden Lantern, Suite E263, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, USA. Tel (949) 234-1870, Fax (949) 388-7514. A user at MacRumors' Apple Collectors forum managed to buy an accelerator for his SE as recently as June 2013, new, with owner's manual and 800k floppy driver disk. If you call them, try asking for Hans.

MicroMac's web site is still online, with lots of information about the accelerators. The cheapest was a "Performer" with a 16MHz 68030 CPU, and the pricier "PerformerPro" had a 32MHz 68030. Both were sold with or without an FPU, and were also available for the Mac Plus and Classic. There's a review of the cheapest model at Low End Mac.

There were two more "MultiSpeed" accelerator cards with four extra RAM slots that take 1MB or 4MB SIMMS. Available with 25MHz or 32MHz 68030 CPUs, again with optional FPU. Mac Plus and Classic users could use these cards with adapter boards.

A software package called Compact Virtual allows SEs that have accelerator cards with extra RAM to access more than 4MB.

Repairers, and suppliers of hardware, software
and components for older Macs

THERE are big variations in prices between suppliers - shop around! Some of these web sites need a frames-capable browser.

US suppliers

For working out shipping costs within the US and worldwide, the US Post has an online calculator at UPS, FedEx and DHL have a similar service.

Junkyard Jeff's Computer Wrecking Yard. A Seattle supplier of classic Macs, used hard drives, RAM, cables, printers etc. Good prices and lots of hard-to-find bits and pieces.

Herb's Mac Stuff got a recommendation from this customer: "A good source of parts and supplies for old compact Macs. His prices are fair and he ships promptly! A decent supply of ImageWriter, Plus, SE and SE/30 parts, peripherals and misc."

We Love Macs stocks parts, peripherals and System software for the Mac SE. "Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, not far from the Apple Main Campus. We have older refurbished Macs spanning every generation of Apple product." Order at the web site, or go to 2971 Mead Avenue, Santa Clara, California, 95051. Toll free: US 800-588-5290. Local: 1-408-516-4141. Fax: 1-408-350-0345. still ships worldwide the double-sided, double-density floppy disks that work in the 800k drives of old Macs. They may come pre-formatted for PCs, but you can reformat them for Macs. Price last time I looked was $50 for 50, or half-price for tested, recycled disks. They also sell high-density 1.4 MB floppies, and 5.25" disks.

Ebay auctions old Mac systems and parts, of course.

MacParts Lots of stuff for old Macs. Email:
B&R Computer Services Repairs and consultation in San Diego, CA. Vintage models a specialty ("No Macintosh is to old for us!"). Disk and file conversion and recovery. Also old software, games, educational, books and manuals.
Wayne's Computer Apple hardware, repairs, software, books and manuals, in Elbridge, New York.

UK suppliers

Clocktower offers used and new Macs, accessories, support for older and obsolete models, service and repairs, upgrades, data recovery, and consumables. They're in Stortford Road, Little Hadham, Hertfordshire, SG11 2DX. Phone before visiting. Tel 01279 771038.

VIS Parts, repair and upgrade service. "We have thousands of parts always in stock, anything from a plastic foot to a logic board.". Visual Information Services, 26 Radstock Lane, Earley, Reading. Tel: 0118 988 66 33. Fax: 0118 988 44 40.

Roger D'Arcy Computers: "Very helpful with Mac parts, books, software etc." says a visitor here. 12 Beauchamp Lane, Oxford OX4 3LF. Tel 01865 748788.

Ebay UK auctions Mac systems and parts.

Australian suppliers

Buying Macs and Accessories in Australia "This page is provided as a service for our clients (and the general Australian Mac community) as a source for new and used Macs, accessories, and specifications".

New Zealand supplier

Sideline Systems "is an independent Mac-only business serving Mac users in Palmerston North, wider Manawatu, and around New Zealand since 1996. We specialise in secondhand Macintosh systems, offering selected machines and parts available for older models right back to 1984 (some Apple II parts available too)". Email: Sideline Systems Ltd, P.O. Box 876, Palmerston North 4440, New Zealand. Tel +64-6-3530050. Mobile 021-898 511.

UseNet newsgroups

Polluted with cross-posted 'For sale' stuff, but still the place to put your 'Wanted' ads.
Discussion of hard disks and removeables, etc.

About hardware not covered elsewhere.

For general topics not covered elsewhere.

About Mac web browsers.

Discussion of System software.
'For sale' ads, miscellaneous.
'For sale' ads, accelerator cards, ethernet cards, etc.
'For sale' ads, video cards.
'For sale' ads, software.
'For sale' ads, Mac systems.

UK newsgroups

UK discussion forum for the Mac.
UK 'for sale' ads, Mac only.
UK 'for sale' ads, all platforms.

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